Softwarevirtualisierung mit App V 5 192Unser Buch "Softwarevirtualisierung mit App-V 5"

Das deutsche App-V 5 Buch: 496 Seiten Wissen zu Microsoft App-V 5 (5.1 bis HF6). Ab Windows 7 bis Server 2016 mit Zusatzinhalten zu App-V mit VDI, Terminalservern, XenDesktop und SCCM Mit Fragestellungen zum Contentstore, Skripting, Hochverfügbarkeit usw.

Appvdir - a fast c++ 32 bit command line tool for reading information from a App-V 5 package

Grid180x180Appvdir is a fast 32 bit command line tool for reading information from an App-V 5 packages. This requires a Windows 8.1 system or a server 2012 R2. The pplications is written native C ++. With a SVS mode. So all applications will be displayed as comma-separated values. Ideal for use in connection with PowerShell.




-Server2012 R2
- Windows 8.1
- Visual C++ Redistributable Packages für Visual Studio 2013 (x86): Link


The application can be found by downloading the zip file as a class 2 signed Exe.

Run without parameters

-----------------------   appvDir.exe  --------------------------
A directory command for .appv container Version 0.5.0
Copyright (c) 2014 Nick Informationstechnik GmbH - Andreas Nick
Only for Windows 8.1 and Server 2012R2 and above. Free2Use
Please use the -h or --help switch to get the help commands
appvdir.exe <APPVFILE> -v(verbose) -s(svs) -n(nologo)
-----------------------   appvDir.exe  --------------------------

 Run with --help Parameter

Usage: options_description [options]
Allowed options:
  -h [ --help ]          Help
  -v [ --verbose ]       enable verbosity
  -s [ --svs ]           get semicolon seperated list without header and footer
  -n [ --nologo ]        Supress copyright text
  -f [ --appv-file ] arg path to the appv file

 Parameter: -v

Display verbose package infos
C:\temp>appvDir.exe c:\temp\sqavw13_wxp_de\sqavw13_wxp_de.appv -v -n
appv-file: c:\temp\sqavw13_wxp_de\sqavw13_wxp_de.appv
Verbosity enabled
Package Info:
Package full name: Reserved_0.0.0.1_neutral__4cscdq2135hry
Package name: Reserved
Package version:
Display name: sqavw13_wxp_de
Description: Reserved
Package contains 0 application(s)
Resource #1: Language:en-us
Package  resource(s) :1
File #1
Name: AppxManifest.xml
Uncompressed size: 1897 bytes
Stored in 1 block(s)
Compressed size: 764 bytes

 Parameter: -s (semicolon seperated lis) and –v 




zip.pngappvdir (BETA)Beliebt

Appvdir is a fast 32 bit command line tool for reading information in a App-V 5 package

Erstelldatum 06.03.2015 14:19:04
Änderungsdatum 06.05.2015 09:13:39
Version 0.5
Dateigröße 119.68 KB
Erstellt von Andreas Nick
Geändert von Andreas Nick
Downloads 180
Lizenz Nick Informationstechnik Tool LicenceTooltip


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